Why should I pay a monthly membership when I can find free yoga tutorials online?

>> My apologies for the long answer but I have a lot of personal experience and thoughts on this one:

My Personal Experience:  I’ve tried both approaches (free yoga and paid membership) – It wasn’t until I joined an online community that had a monthly membership fee, where I could connect with the instructor and the other members, that I felt like I was getting the best overall home yoga practice experience.  My goal with Emerald Earth Yoga is to use my unique talents and creative energy to provide the best experience for you as a member!

Some more of my thoughts on the subject:

  • Paying any membership fee to something you believe in is an energy exchange; we consume content that someone else has spent a lot of time and energy creating and it feels good to honor that with financial support.
  • It solidifies the commitment to yourself that you mean business with being consistent about your wellness.
    • A good comparison is why so many people invest in trainers and gym memberships when they can find free online workouts fairly easily.
    • It’s easier to hold yourself accountable.
  • This membership is extremely personalized to YOU; I take your membership payment every month very seriously so I will be available to answer whatever questions you have on any of my videos; you can also request yoga videos, meditations, and other wellness chat videos specific to YOUR needs.
    • This is my top priority as your instructor, accountability partner, and friend!
  • The EEY Members Forum is a community of familiar faces – I found that, back when I only followed yoga channels on free video-sharing websites, I would always see different names reply to the videos and I was never able to engage in conversation long-term or build community amongst the ever-changing commenters on each video.
    • I would also love to possibly arrange meet ups, retreats, etc. if enough members are in the same area – anything is possible!
  • There’s almost always something we can sacrifice to prioritize our physical, mental, and spiritual health – whether that’s skipping going out to breakfast once a month, or deciding you don’t really need that candle that smells like cookies – it may just a matter of re-arranging priorities.

Ending thoughts: Becoming an Emerald Earth Yoga member is not the cheapest way to do yoga at home, but it is the most cost-efficient way to get the most out of your overall home yoga experience and connect with fellow yogis!

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Can I end my membership any time?

>> Yes!  If you are not getting the most out of your time as an Emerald Earth Yoga member, and I’m unable to make your experience better, you can absolutely end your membership at any time and you will cease to be charged.

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If prices change, will I automatically have to pay the new price?

>> Absolutely not. If my prices increase in the future you will always pay the same monthly membership price that was set when you first joined.

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What are your credentials? Are you certified to teach yoga?

>> Yes, I am certified by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 hour in hatha/vinyasa yoga.  I have been a student since October 2015 and I’ve been instructing since July 2017.

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