Hi, there! My name is Chrissy Martin. I’ve been running amok on this earth for 27 years now and I came from a pretty typical American family.  Life as a kid was about as care-free and wonder-saturated as it gets.  Days were long and stress, for the most part, was non-existent and I will always be grateful for that.

However, I started realizing about 3 years ago, that time seemed to be zooming past me and I felt as though I was just going through the motions.  I needed more balance in my life, though I didn’t quite know what that meant yet.  I needed a new way to deal with stress and my nasty habit of worrying about everything.  I was grasping for dear life to the days that I felt were whizzing by.

Right around that time is when I attended my very first yoga class, offered through my job, and I was amazed at how, after the class, I felt like a million bucks! This natural high was nothing I’d experienced before with any other physical activity. This got me hooked for real… I began a consistent home practice and enjoyed every minute of my posture improvement and increasing ease of quieting the incessant thoughts in my mind.

After some time, and a LOT of soul-searching, I decided that I wanted to share these tools with others. So, here I am – – putting myself out there with Emerald Earth Yoga. Why a yoga business you ask?

Because yoga is really the art of rediscovering the true you – – your true nature. As young children we see (and plow our way through) the world with wonder and excitement – – and there’s not much room for anything else. Life can be that simple again. With consistent practice, yoga offers us a way to experience a life that is working for us instead of against us. I am still on this journey of rediscovery and I hope you will join me!

These days, I feel compelled to lay in the grass and to really feel the sun on my skin. I relinquish control and let the breeze toss my hair around in a frenzy of blonde tangles. I feel at home when I am outside. I feel connected. This is what I wish for you, too! I wish to introduce the gift of peace, health, and connectedness through yoga to you all.